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Updated:   April 8, 2010

If you have come to this website, it is because you received a court-authorized notice concerning the overtime lawsuit against ResCare.  This website has been established to assist individuals in deciding whether or not to join this overtime lawsuit against ResCare.   We hope the information here is helpful. 

Please remember that in order to participate in this overtime case, you need to complete and return the Consent Form.  This form can be faxed to 214-749-1010. 

If you Would Like To Join This Case

If you already understand the issues and would like to join this case, the Consent Form is all you need to sign and return to us.  This document allows you to participate in this case. 

Failure to Pay for Travel Time

Several former employees of Southern Home Services. Inc. and ResCare have filed a lawsuit seeking to recover overtime pay for their travel time hours.  It is our understanding that the Companies do not track and pay for the the time employees spend traveling between client home sites in a day.  The Lawsuit contends that not counting this travel time as hours worked likely violates federal law.  We believe this travel time is compensable and should be paid for by the Companies. 

We believe you are entitled to recover this unpaid time because, as home care workers, you engaged in general household services so frequently (more than 20% of the time) that any possible exemption from overtime for home care workers cannot apply to you. 

Because we believe that home care workers are nonexempt from the overtime requirements of the FLSA, we have brought this lawsuit to recover your unpaid overtime. 

How to Join This Lawsuit

If you worked for Rescare as a home services worker an you spent more than 20% of your time performing general household activities, you may be eligible to join this suit.  To do so, you need to download, complete, and return the Consent Form.  After you do so, we can assist you in receiving your unpaid overtime plus additional damages, attorneys' fees and costs.



This site will be updated as the case progresses to keep you apprised of the progress of the case.  From time to time, we may post documents that have been filed with the Court on this website.  We will also post other information on the site to inform you of the progress of the case.  Make sure to check the site periodically to get the latest update.

If you move or change addresses, please let us know.  If not, we will not be able to contact you about important events in the case.

If you have any questions after reviewing the various documents, please do not hesitate to contact us.








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